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Andy Welfle

Pencil blogger. Content Strategist.

Content strategy. Professional button-pusher. Obsessed with wooden pencils. Drags and drops like a boss. Firmly against the Oxford Comma. Taller in real life.

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Cat using computer article

Teach your cat to code

Empower your fuzzy freeloader to stop being a mindless consumer and go make something of itself.

Teach your cat to code.

292445 from blobs to chunks a real life example of how to structure content article
GatherContent Blog

From Blobs to Chunks: A Real Life Example of How to Structure Content

I’ve spent a large percentage of this week obsessing over Karen McGrane’s column on A List Apart. In the article she talks about the conflict between content creators and web designers, and the contrasting understandings they have of the formatting and presentation of content.

Gif article

You Are Not a Brand — You Are a Person

I have something to say, and I am not sure how to say it without sounding grumpy. Come to think of it, however, I AM grumpy about it. I know…

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Medium is the message by Andy Welfle.

Something really exciting happened to me yesterday — I was invited to contribute to Medium (which I've mentioned before in a previous post here) This is a platform I've been excited about for month...

Jpeg 3 article

It's time for the small-i “internet” - Medium

I went to school for newspaper journalism in the early 2000s; the final days of when one actually went to school for newspaper journalism and wasn’t completely batshit crazy or just deluded. While the internet wasn’t in its infancy by any means, it hadn’t (warning: hipster phraseology ahead) quite hit the mainstream as it has now.

Open uri20130515 8460 9avkgi article

A Tech Love Letter: My Apple eMate 300

It's no secret that I'm a huge Apple fan. I've been lucky enough to start using Macs in the early 90s when I was in grade school, and when it came time for my father to buy our household a computer...

Open uri20130515 641 1ag40ok article

“How to Sharpen a Pencil” reviewed: Flawless marriage of parody and informational writing

Every once in a while, a comedian comes along who isn't quite completely joking. John Hodgman is one of them — his trilogy of COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE ephemera has real facts mixed in with complete...

Jpeg article

Ignorance should never be celebrated

I believe that knowledge is power. Learning, in general, is always the best route to take, and anti-intellectualism signals the beginning …

Open uri20130515 10753 1b46pua article

Orange fever: The classic Rhodia notepad | Woodclinched

NOTE: This post originally appeared at the now-defunt PencilThings blog on July 9, 2007. See it, sans CSS or images, at the Internet Archive here. I first discovered this wonderful little orange no...

Stringio article

The Game of Pencils | Woodclinched

As I was showing my collection of pencils from the 1990s to a friend the other day, he reminded me of a game he used to play in middle school. I, who went to middle school four years later and half...

Open uri20130515 8460 136vdiu article

Yikes! pencils: Graphite-filled emblems of the 1990s

Like many bloggers in their late-twenties, I am proud to be a child of the 90s. I grew up on Nickelodeon, pump-up sneakers, beige Apple computers, Ecto-cooler Hi-C "juice", and lots of bright, neon...

Jpeg 2 article

Idea: A pour-over brewing system for K-Cups

It’s a well-known fact that web developers are fueled by coffee, so at my office, we have several different ways of making coffee. The more …

Jpeg 1 article

iPhones vs. Tricorders

Growing up, I was that kid who was a huge Star Trek fan. Later in my adolescence, I had technical manuals, omnipedias and role-playing board games. But before all that, my best friend and I had those plastic phasers and tricorders. You may remember them — they cost $20 and you could get them at KB Toys at the mall.